Meat Industry Ireland


Ireland has unique natural advantages for farming in an environmentally friendly way and the meat sector has responsibly faced up to the challenges of addressing agricultural emissions while preserving the natural environment. A range of programmes are in place aimed at improving carbon efficiency, reducing and mitigating emissions, while protecting water quality and biodiversity. The 2030 Climate Change targets, while challenging, will be faced with even greater vigour in upholding Ireland’s position as a world leader in sustainable agri-food production and the only country to have in place a national sustainability strategy right through the agri-food supply chain.

Meat Industry Ireland (MII) strongly supports the argument that environmental protection, economic competitiveness and food security should not be disentangled; instead they should be seen as complementary policies each fulfilling important goals, being mutually dependent rather than being mutually exclusive.

Origin Green is the national sustainability programme for the Irish food and drink sector. It represents an on-going commitment of Irish food and drink manufacturers across the entire chain of supply, to producing and operating in a sustainable manner. This includes an independent auditing programme at farm level which provides bespoke carbon footprint reports to individual producers. Processors are committed to long term, independently verified, sustainability targets for their businesses including raw material sourcing, resource efficiency in the manufacturing process, social sustainability and measures necessary to minimising food waste.

With a rapidly growing world population it is important that food should continue to be supplied from areas where it is produced most efficiently and where there is a proven track record of sustainable production matched by verifiable reductions in the carbon footprint. Through its commitment to maintaining production while lowering GHG emissions, Ireland can and will continue to develop new and innovative solutions that will enable these twin objectives to be realised.