Meat Industry Ireland


Ireland’s meat processing sector competes on an international stage and it has invested significantly in modern processing facilities which operate to the highest international standards. In recent years the sector has invested in excess of €100 million in upgrading and modernising its processing facilities. The growth projections for the overall meat sector envisage additional investment of the order of €150 million in the coming years at processing level. Meat Industry Ireland (MII) is working closely with government to push for an environment whereby this level of investment can be supported.

MII and Ibec colleagues are also actively engaged with Government in terms of costs of doing business in Ireland. In particular there are issues in terms of finance, energy, insurance, labour and legal costs which create competitiveness challenges for the Irish business sector as a whole.

Labour shortage poses a further risk to the capability of the sector to meet its overall growth projections. As the economy recovers and employment levels continue to grow, the meat processing sector faces a continuing challenge in accessing the necessary labour. MII is working closely with members on this issue and engaging with the relevant Government Departments.