Meat Industry Ireland


The UK vote to leave the EU is the largest and most immediate challenge facing the Irish Agri-Food sector. The UK is our largest trading partner for food and drink. 41% of food and drink exports go to the UK (€4.4bn) and Ireland is the UK’s second largest supplier of food and drink. In relation to meat exports, Ireland is heavily dependent on the UK market with over 50% of our beef (280,000 tonnes), 37% of our pigmeat (88,000 tonnes), 26% of our sheepmeat (14,000 tonnes) and 85% of our poultry exports destined for the UK in 2016.

The outcome of exit negotiations between the EU and UK will potentially have a huge impact on our trading relationship with the UK and the fundamental basis of our export model and domestic market. In the interim period the meat sector is already encountering significant challenges, especially the weakening of Sterling against the Euro.

Meat Industry Ireland (MII) is significantly engaged on this crucial matter and regular engagement is ongoing with a variety of stakeholders, including Government, State Agencies, farmer representatives, European institutions, other Member State counterparts, media and other sectoral stakeholders. MII is collaborating closely with Ibec colleagues on all Brexit related activities and a number of reports have been published and submitted to Government. Some documents are included below: